welcome to whatever this is

this isn’t an introduction mostly because i have no idea how to do such a thing. i think i’m just going to pretend no one will ever read this, otherwise i’ll never post anything at all probably.

another reason is, well, i don’t know. whats the point of introductions? why not just let the actual things that show be the introduction? its possible i’m not entirely sure what an introduction is supposed to be. maybe i just don’t like the idea of choosing specific words of you to stick in peoples heads. what if i’m not what i say i am??

anyway. the words will be what they are. and everything’s probably gonna end up being very vague and that’s just me, but i’m trying okay. besides, there needs to be more mystery in the world.

however, i will introduce my cat briefly – because she clearly knows more about what’s going on than i do. she’s sitting here on this blanket as a small black puddle and will bite my hand off if i try to cuddle. yes that is probably a rhyme. which describes her 70% of the time. soft little blob of murder.

[okay there might have been another rhyme there that i did not intend at all. um. okay.]

just some extra honesty: i put off actually writing this for way too long – and i have no idea what i’m doing. not that i ever have much of an idea about anything i’m doing, but shh.

also no, i do not feel like using Grammatically Correct capital letters. i am lowercase; leave me be.

i think i’ll go now.