sky shh

rain is the hush

the shhh that lays a gentle hand
over the sounds rising up
in rebellion

and breathes a bubble around
everyone – with minds tugged
down a stream of elsewhere

rain is the song of the sky

but we are not called on to
harmonise except with our cold breaths



holding only wonder

i wonder,
is there only a handful of ways
to describe the starry sky?
or is it a lack of observation:
an inadequacy of vision?
or are they simply
too far away —
too small, too many
to be brought closer to
our most lacking minds;
like looking down at a planet
sprawled with strangers?

what would it be
to hold a hand-full of stars,
to stroke the silver that
streams from where they perch
looking down at us:
so far away —
so small, so many?
how would it be
to sit among them in the
painting of night
breathing it as water through gills;
and wonder
how it could ever be described


feathers on the wind

feathers on the wind
like on a string
until the wind says its time
to fall

feathers on the water
feathers in your hair
holding tiny pieces of sky
they cut through
and collected
like wearing a star
or a sliver of moon

like the yellow leaf that spent
its youth making the wind
into music
and waving goodbye
to the birds as they leave again
but leaving without a feather
leaving a bit of them

leaving a piece
of the wind from their wings
sights from all the skies
they’ve seen
maybe the earth is just their scrapbook
they go out for another adventure
and leave only
feathers on the wind


the one day & the forever

where are we now
in this world that
sings its own song to itself
where are we
nowhere we could find our way out of
and who are we
that we’d ever deserve an escape?

what if we look up
at the sky
and pretend the earth doesn’t exist
it’s just the blue
it’s just sailing on the clouds
it’s the forever that we see
that we know is up there

every day here
wherever we are
the sky is unraveling the time
we have to stay
unpicking the stitches that
hold us in our bodies
so we can one day
be like the clouds
like the stars

one day we’ll be free
one day we’ll get out
and nothing in this world can stop us
one day we’ll be forever

sailing in the blue