so… i am decidedly bad at talking about myself.

so maybe i’ll write it

like this

because my brain thinks sentences are overrated

and the ideas don’t like it either

or something,


i’m sixteen years old

though often i feel i’d

be more at home in the sixteenth century

but i’m here to unlock myself

from inside my head cause

i’m done hiding in there.

so i’ll just be here,

trying to make sense of

myself, God, and everything else.

i’ll just be here and

you can come along with these words i recycle

or not

but anyway

there’s something great about MBTI –

i am an INFP and

i write poetry words

random words

and uncooperative story words.

also my cat says hi

well, she kinda doesn’t but let’s just pretend she did

so she can be known

as sometimes nice and not

100% rude little cat.

not sure how to end this so


and i wish you a good day

and a good life







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